Water Treatment Chains

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  1. Chain

    Comprised of 13Cr stainless steel components. Outstandingly abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Bucket is attached to elevate wet sand
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  2. Driving Chain

    Each part uses 13Cr stainless steel with chromium-based treatment QT (temper) which is very strong and extremely resistant to corrosion. Pins outer diameter is larger to assist in advanced abrasion resistance. Sprockets can be used with KS roller chains.
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  3. Water Treatment Chain

    Thermal power plants, steel mills, etc. which use cold water in their automatic smelting process mainly use 13Cr chromium stainless steels. Depending on working conditions, 304 series, 316, etc. materials are also available. The corrosion and wear resistance required for the friction of air and water is excellent and can be changed depending on the environmental conditions. Such customization exists such as the material of the rollers; special resins, etc. so please contact us for exact specifications.
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  4. C Type Chain

    The body is molded integrally with the chain link and barrel part and is assembled by inserting a carbon steel pin. Very durable and widely applicable chain. The head is cast in order to keep the pin from turning and is fixed to the end portion of the pin for easy assembly/disassembly; if assembly/disassembly is not needed, we can secure (cast) both ends. Standard pintle chains are referred to as 400-Series pintle chains which share the same classification as detachable chains with the same pitch dimensions, therefore they can be used in conjunction with the same sprockets.
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  5. Chains

    A rib is attached to the underside of the chain and tropes inner part or upper surface, which only comes into contact with the upper surface. The area of the sliding part is designed wide to reduce the wear of the chain surface. The load wont cause sinking while conveying thus the degree of pitch can be maintained.
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  6. C-Type Chain

    Among the features that can be used are corrosion and rust resistance for seawater or other contaminated water. These chains are especially wear resistant toward such harsh environments as found in sewage collectors and are designed with long pitches for power and can withstand the wear. Stronger attachments are available to be used with large scrapers or buckets.700 series chains chains are used in batcher plants to transport sand and gravel with bucket elevators and must withstand sever wear from the abrasive materials.
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  7. CB Type Chain

    Mainly for use in sewage treatment plants, pump relay, grit collectors, power plants, seawater intake and bar-screen facilities. Ultra-tough chains
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